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Top 10 Must Do activities in Yellowstone National Park

 Top 10 Must Do activities in Yellowstone National Park

Wolf Den – Lamar Valley

If you’re looking for a true Yellowstone experience you have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn and head out to Lamar Valley to see the wolves leave their den. Now, giving exact directions to this den is not easy for me since I am not a local – but, if you ask around people will definitely get you on that tiny little dirt road to find the den. Make sure to have your binoculars or scope and get there early because it will be chilly, slightly crowded, and quite the wait because we can’t control wild animals.

Paint Pots – Central West Entrance

This is a must see stop. It had to be the most beautiful spot I have ever seen. The blues, pinks, yellows, and reds of this hot spring will not disappoint. To get here just search for the Fountain Paint Pot Nature Trail on your map.

Grizzly bears – Lamar Valley

After you have woken up and gone to see the wolf pack – keep your eyes out for grizzlies. They like to roam around and hunt in the morning as well (not as early as wolves) so you should be able to spot some after a morning of wolf watching. Keep a look out for other wildlife like black bears, ospreys, buffalo (don’t worry you’ll see TONS of buffalo), deer, coyotes and many more. Lamar valley is a hot spot for all wildlife appreciators!

Mama Black Bear and Cub

Hike Uncle Tom’s Trail

You don’t want to miss this hike UP and DOWN including 328 stairs. Since there are so many stairs this hike is for people who are physically fit. If not, you can still head down but take your time and use the benches and steel platforms to take a break on the way. Once you’ve done the easy part (DOWN) you’ll find yourself staring at a beautiful water fall called the Lower Falls. The Lower Falls is approximately 308 feet tall and you’ll enjoy a nice mist while you take in the beauty of this fall. Take your selfie, and start your trek back up the 328 stairs! Note: always check with the local station to make sure trails are available for hiking.

Old Faithful at Sunset

Of course you’ll take the time to go see Old Faithful, but if you can manage it, go watch Old Faithful at sunset! This was such a great experience and I would recommend it to everyone and anyone. The reason we loved watching the geyser at sunset was because it was a little less crowded and calm. Not to mention how beautiful the geyser looks when the sun is going down. Make sure to plan accordingly because Old Faithful erupts every 120 minutes and you don’t want to miss it!

 Mammoth Hot Springs

If you can tear yourself away from some amazing nature watching – head over to the town of Mammoth. Not only will you find yummy restaurants, outposts and the Heritage and Research Center – you’ll find one of the best spots in Mammoth .. The Mammoth Hot Springs. Mammoth Hot Springs is Yellowstone’s only thermal hot spring. Even though these hot springs are beautiful beyond compare, they change daily so stay on the path provided for walking and don’t take any chances. Be respectful to the hot springs and they will reward you!

Jenny Lake Ferry & Inspiration Point

This particular spot is located in the Grand Tetons. Take the ferry over and get your boots ready for a fantastic hike! The ferry costs a few bucks but the ride over is magnificent. Although, if you don’t feel like taking the boat there is a nice 2-3 mile walk to get around Jenny Lake. Once you’ve arrived at the Jenny Lake Trail Head lace up those boots and get going! In the beginning it will be a little crowded, but you’ll soon find that this hike to the almost 7000 ft elevation is not as easy as it looks, but keep on trekking because once you get to Inspiration Point the views are spectacular. Now – the hike doesn’t end here for can keep going and explore more of this beautiful mountain but make sure you pack appropriately and be sure to check the times of the last boat ride back (unless you don’t mind 3 extra miles of walking to get back).

 Buffalo Crossing

You’ll see plenty of buffalo on your visit to Yellowstone, but the best place to see them is Lamar Valley. They run this place – literally! There are hundreds of buffalo throughout the park, and you’ll see most of them during your visit. We were lucky enough to go right after many of the calves were born so we got to see all the calves play and learn during our visit. Make sure to listen for their unique call while you’re buffalo watching 🙂 also, be aware that buffalo will charge if they feel threatened so, keep a safe distance if you are out of your car, better yet, stay in your car if possible!

Lone Star Geyser Hike

We happened across this trial by complete accident and with a little help from our tour app! While driving around and enjoying the scenery on the Grand Loop Road we decided to stop to take a break and fingers-crossed – a hike. This hike is an easy hike with about 2 miles of walking to get to the Lone Geyser. The cool thing about this hike is that the trail was an old service road and is great for walkers or bikers alike. The Geyser erupts about every 3 hours, so make sure to plan this hike in advance.

Visit Jackson, WY

While you’re visiting the beautiful state of Wyoming make sure to take a day to go shopping and enjoy some good food and Wifi in the little town of Jackson. Nothing is a close drive in Wyoming, so depending on where you’re staying it could be upward of an hour drive to get here but once you arrive take in the beauty of a city surrounded by mountains.

Don’t forget to download the Yellowstone National Park app for your trip.

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