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Cage Diving with Galapagos Sharks

Have you wanted to swim with sharks but to afraid to try? Maybe you should try cage diving! Almost anywhere you can jump in a cage and witness the wonders of the ocean around you, but if you want to see 10-15ft Galapagos Sharks you need to visit Oahu, Hawaii.


Carcharhinus galapagensis aka Galapagos Sharks are beautiful sharks that can be found almost anywhere in the world. They favor clear blue water near reefs, but can be found off shore close to where fishermen pull up their load, and if you want to see them in Hawaii – this is exactly what you will get. There is always a chance you can see different species of shark so keep your eye out when you dive in! Oahu has visibility of 70-100 feet during this dive and it is simply glorious. Now, when I say “dive” I mean snorkel. The company I am going to tell you about does not require a dive license, just simply a person with the need for adventure and thrills.

Hawaii Shark Encounters was one of the best choices we made when we visited Oahu. The guys were very knowledgeable, funny, and made you feel completely safe! They have times through out the day that you can join them off the island and jump in with some beautiful creatures. We left at 7am since I am an early bird, and boy were we not disappointed! A short boat ride brings you to the cage that is already set up and ready to go. Immediately, you can see the Galapagos sharks from the boat and they are not shy! I was so amazed with the enormity of them and the boldness of them to swim right up next to the boat.


Once the boat is docked next to the cage there are two groups that get in the cage – about 6 people per cage. I was worried that it would be crowded, but surprisingly enough we had plenty of room to move around the cage and see the sharks from all angles, and I mean ALL. The bottom has bars that you can hold on to and get a completely different look at these animals as they swim below you. Each group gets about 20-30 minutes in the cage and trust me, it is PLENTY of time. I could have stayed in there all day, but sadly we must all head back to the shore at some point.


If you’re looking for a good activity in Oahu – these guys are the real deal!

Hawaii Shark Encounters



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